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The Full Story

Patient Experience

This page is dedicated to the patients who have openly wanted to share their own experience of their time with me.  It is with a warm heart and kindness that each person has contributed to help others find the right therapist for them. I am grateful for these messages, community and connection.

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Nicole L

"I am very grateful to be under Danielle’s professional guidance. The type of physiotherapy she offers is very unique and has proven after just a couple sessions to be extremely beneficial physically and emotionally. She has helped me to find a good balance in how I deal with challenges in my everyday life. I felt very comfortable with her approach from my very first visit and I couldn’t wait to go back for subsequent visits."

Marjorie B

During my second treatment session, Danielle did energy work, which during I felt a huge difference in myself.  I have had more improvement since then with the help of the exercise plan she gives during each session.  Danielle listens to my concerns with care and compassion, and her holistic approach to physiotherapy has improved my condition greatly.

Kathern K

"Danielle is so great at what she does. Danielle has been so encouraging to the healing of my broken shoulder. She is willing to work with you, accommodating your appointments and schedule with ease.  I recommend Danielle to anyone who wishes to get better quickly."

Melissa B

"I was in a pretty desperate situation when I walked in to have my first appointment with Danielle. I was suffering with urgency, frequency, pressure and pelvic pain that I felt like I couldn’t leave the house. At our first appointment, Danielle listened to me and gave me so much hope. With Danielle’s gentle and holistic approach, I am happy to say my symptoms improved dramatically and I’m able to get back to my everyday activities."

Maureen L

“I went to see Danielle after having surgery to repair a broken ankle. I was uncertain about how to wean myself off my air cast boot and begin putting weight on my foot. She was a wealth of information and got me walking again as well as dealing with other issues that I was baffled by. She has been a great help to me and I would highly recommend her.”

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Cindy P

"Meeting Danielle was one of the greatest healing experiences of my life. After breast cancer and lymph node surgeries, I developed Axillary Web Syndrome. She is very knowledgeable and after only one treatment I felt so much better. Subsequent treatments eliminated the cording. Her room is so relaxing and calming for my senses. I am so grateful to Danielle for making me feel alive again."

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