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My Philosophy & Approach

I am happy to offer a place and space to be present with you and listen to your story in a nonjudgmental way.  I use my intuition as a guide into an unfolding and creating a healing experience for you.  I invite you to have an openness and curiosity to the unfolding of your journey into wellness, health and well – being!
We may use some or all of the following in your treatment
What is Holistic Physiotherapy?
YOU are in charge of your healing journey!

Holistic care is looking at the whole person from head to toe physically to find the origin of the condition a person is presenting with. In a broader sense, it is looking at our true nature through the layers and dimensions of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

The most important piece of our time together is really discovering the unfolding of your healing and seeing that you are actually the one who is creating and restoring your body's balance and equilibrium. I am your guide to help encourage and point you to your natural recovery! We celebrate this together! 

The Mind Body Connection
Bio-Psycho-Social Model

There is a deeper level to physical healing of the body through our nervous system and understanding how this connection gives us a direct access to our innate wisdom. Our body has lots of wisdom and gives us information of what might be helpful for us individually. This can help with regulating our level of pain or discomfort that is felt as sensation in the body.

The Definition of Pain

Because we are looking at a holistic model of treating a person, we must include looking at the biological, psychological and societal contributions to our overall health and well - being. I am an advocate for working alongside other health practitioners to complete the full circle of treating a person - the physical aspect is only one part!

What is Orthopedic Physiotherapy?

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience that may be associated with potential or actual tissue injury.  It is an output of the brain.  It can be separated into 2 types. Acute and persistent pain.  Acute pain is something that lasts a short period of time, typically under 3 months, and persistent pain can last longer.  Sensations that are carried through time can affect how we perceive our experience of life.

Orthopedic physiotherapy includes any condition that has to do with a muscle, bone or ligament in the body.  I look at the mechanics of how movement occurs using different modalities to help in treating any physical injury or condition like manual therapy, and specific therapeutic exercise. This will change and progress over the time of seeing someone from first to the final visit.

The Magic of Our Nervous System

We are each uniquely made with a nervous system that is always changing, it is dynamic and can unlearn and learn new ways of operating. We innately have the ability to remap parts of our brain that have embedded some pattern within our body. We have the ability to change this by downtraining and regulating our nervous system with specific exercises like Qi Gong.

Visceral Mobilization

There is a gentle way to treat the tissues of our body that are not as deep as muscle but actually the tissue that is supporting the organs, muscles, connective tissue, and fascia. Visceral mobilization is an important way to help de-sensitize and loosen these layers of tissue to help in improving our circulation and passage of nutrients to these areas of the body.

Energy Work

Energy is a powerful invisible force that we can harness in our way of healing by creating a safe space from within the body from the inside out. Grounding, visualizations, and meditation are all different forms of energy work to help provide a new space for healing. Other examples of energy work may be light mobilizations, breathwork and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

What is Pelvic Health?

Pelvic health physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy that includes anything to do with the area of the pelvis and its contents. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that are the foundation of your 'core' and has deeply rooted functions that we may not be aware of! Some of these include support for our organs, stability, sexual, and a sump pump to encourage flow and connect our upper and lower body.

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