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Awakening to the New Year... Re-discovering You.

I was recently reminded of the importance of writing and keeping some reflection morning pages. It has been interesting so far this year how much I have felt into the slowing down and really listening to my mind and body. Winter is a time for recalibration and finding space for restoration and rejuvenation. As we move through nature, this is a time where I can gather all the lessons and experiences over the past year and how to grow from that place. I have been called to reflect on the last few months and even years and can now see all the connections and guidance to get to where I am now in life.

I am happy to say, it has brought me so much gratitude and new energy for this year, 2023.

This year more than ever has been a calling for greater self care and self advocacy for remembering who we are at our core and giving back and nourishing ourselves as we continue in the flow of this new year.

I see, as a health care provider, more of a need for pelvic health awareness in the community. It can be so helpful as you build this connection whether it be during your pregnancy, after care, or just getting into activities that you are seeking a greater wellness and understanding of the health this area houses for you. When we start looking within and listen to our body's needs, it will always point us to what we are looking for. Maybe it's more exercise, or more rest periods, drinking more water, and a new or different way of moving your body or using your mind. This is how we create change and begin living more presently.

It is so rewarding and beautiful to witness others seeing the value and connection, and natural curiosity that is sparked in the treatment room. The biggest takeaway I can share is asking yourself what you already are doing well and to begin taking ownership of your health in whatever way, physical, emotional, mind and spirit. There is always more to see in the healing of self!

I would love to know if something spoke to you or stood out. Feel free to leave a comment or connect with me directly. There is so much to share and I love hearing your stories!


Danielle Marie

Holistic Pelvic Health PT

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