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Discover the path to your well-being through regulating your nervous system.

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

~Get to know your mind and body a little better~

Have you ever asked yourself - how are we able to understand what our body is trying to tell us at any given moment? What happens to our bodies and minds when we might be under a perceived 'threat' or 'danger', and what helps us bring us back to homeostasis or a state of equilibrium? It is a really great question! ... Let's explore this, and I invite you to open your mind and listen to your 'gut'!

We are made of energy from one source. Whether we are conscious of it or not, different parts of our brain and nervous system that are always speaking with each other. This intelligent energy is always helping us to remain healthy and balanced in whatever physical place or state of mind we are in.

Our brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system, which is like a master computer, always ready to receive and send information from the outside to the inside of our body. Our autonomic nervous system is made of two parts: our sympathetic (fight, flight or freeze) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous systems. Imagine these as a spectrum of different states of our mind and body to help us navigate our day-to-day life.

For example, if we are on a hike and we find ourselves standing in front of a bear, we would hope that our fight or flight response is ready to take action! It is a necessary function of our brain and body to get us out of harm's way. We may also find ourselves feeling more relaxed and calm when we are listening to our favourite music or getting lost in a nice book. Meanwhile, our rest and digest system is working perfectly to help us feel comfortable and slow us down from a busy day.

In our current world with the stress and pressure of living, we can spend a huge amount of time in the fight or flight response and it seems very difficult, almost impossible to find a balance. So, we can look for ways to help our nervous system regulate. Once we are aware of our state of being, we can then choose our response or solution. Developing awareness of our mind and body is a pivotal way we can discern where we are at and realize - there is nothing to fix!

Check your breathing, is your mind racing, do you feel hot or sweaty? These might be signs that your body is in fight or flight mode. A solution: notice these sensations and pause. Take a slow, deep breath and wait- do nothing. The next thought or message that might occur to you is to try meditation, a leisurely walk, or yoga. These are all great ways to regulate and bring your system back into a calmer place. When we allow our minds to open and listen to these messages, we will in turn, hear the wisdom of this intelligent energy to know what is helpful next. As we start to recognize these cycles and patterns, we can strengthen our connection to our minds and bodies. Our nervous system can then right itself a bit more efficiently. This is divine engineering at its best!

So, I want to emphasize that the secret to our well-being always lies within us. We don't need to seek outside ourselves for guidance or direction. Let's appreciate and be grateful for our bodies and for all that they do for us and we may be surprised about what we learn!

For more wisdom and little tid-bits, please connect with me and I would be happy to guide you and help you understand this concept more deeply. Send me a message or find me at Aria Wellness Centre with our other talented practitioners.

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Dave Nichols
Dave Nichols
Sep 16, 2022

This beautiful blog post clearly explains that not only are we as individuals whole and complete, but we collectively are created from a unique, intelligent, and universal source. When we "SEE" that connection, we discover healing for ourselves and begin healing our world.

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