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Finding Your Inner Well-being & Full Health Potential

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Hello & welcome to my blog! I am Danielle and am thrilled to share and explore with you the journey into a deep physical health & wellness starting from the inside out.

In the last 2 years, I have taken a deep dive and travelled towards a place of physical, mental and spiritual well being. I have experienced burnout over the past year and have had the opportunity to overcome some challenges that come with this experience. These challenges have been a guide for me to help seek out a deeper understanding and knowledge of how our mind and body connect and what is really responsible for the core of our overall health.

I have been working as a physiotherapist for over 12 years now and found many different niches and interests within the profession. Most recently, I have been working in pelvic health, more specifically a holistic approach with a broader sense of how this part of our bodies has such a major role in our overall physical health. The pelvis is the foundation of the body where our emotions, fears, and anxieties can be discovered. For women, it is also a place of the womb, and is a sacred space for when we are holding a home for a baby. There is a lot of energy, both masculine and feminine that is vital for an improved awareness and connection to this area via the mind body.

This is a beautiful and rich place to be where a lot about our past history, whether it is trauma or post- partum can be uncovered and we can begin a journey of healing. How many times have you heard that there is nothing you can do to reclaim your energy or there is 'damaged' parts that need serious medical attention?

I have good news for you... there is absolutely nothing wrong with your body! I invite you to be curious and explore what this type of physiotherapy can do for you. I will be your guide and cheer you along your path of self - discovery and the journey to finding true health from within.

Stay tuned for more posts and check out my website for more information and also the workspace I am in at Aria Wellness Centre in Belle River where there are many other health care practitioners to help you towards your health goals!

My clinic website:

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